Please find a list of School governors for the year 2017- 2018 and their term of office.

Name Status Term of Office 
Cllr Mair Stephens (chair)  LA representative  2018-2022
Mrs L Howells   Head Teacher governor   2016- 
Miss E Wiliams  Staff representative 2016-2020
Mrs G Squires  Community Governor  2017- 2021
Mrs C Lilly  Community Governor  2018-2022
Rev P Johns  Church representative   2010- 
Rev J Cecil  Church representative  2019 - 
Mrs Rh Eyton Jones  Foundation representative  2015-2019
Mrs B Harley  LA representative  2015-2019
Mrs Sarah Davies Parent Governor  2016-2020
Ms D King Parent Governor   2016- 2020
Mrs A Beynon Parent Governor  2017-2021
Rev Will Lambert  Foundation representative   2019- 2023